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Male masturbator will help you to experience powerful orgasms when your girlfriend is not around. This site is dedicated to all kinds of adult toys for men. Masturbators, love dolls, artificial pussy, etc. For an experience delightfully close to the real thing, select from our collection of realistic toys. Experience extreme sexual pleasure like never before!

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Male masturbation toys such as the cock torch, fleshlight, penis sleeves, cock rings allows men to find their personal erogenous zones as well as understand how their bodies work sexually. These adult masturbation toys have a lot to offer a guy who wants to explore his body and his sexuality.

Aimee Sweet Cyberskin Pussy

The soft, supple pussy lips are life like looking and feeling, and are colored perfectly pink for your pleasure! The smooth shaft is easy to grab a hold of and squeeze for a faster thrust! Plump and juicy, and very pliable and soft for your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction. This ultra realistic vagina sculpted from Aimee Sweet's decadent features is plump and tempting. Made from Cyberskin material, the most realistic material available, this pussy will give you the pleasures of a real girl without the actual girl, no strings attached! The gentle thigh grooves make this pussy pucker up like Aimee Sweet with her legs spread wide open and thrusted up, ready for you to take a plunge! The vibrating bullet sits in the hole on the bottom side of the male masturbator, which sends the vibrations traveling through the material, straight to your penis, and driving you crazy! Read more or buy...

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Male Masturbator - The Best Male Masturbation Toys

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The Cock Torch is a very versatile men's masturbation tool, it comes with 3 different inners including anus, mouth and vagina which are made of super real feel silicone latex rubber. This is very durable and easy to clean, and the outer looks like a real flashlight. Buy now!

The Mastomatic is the perfect tool for the lazy male masturbator, all you do is slip it on, crank it up, lay back and let the tool do all the work. The mechanism gently slides up and down the shaft to bring you to a multi orgasmic ecstasy. Buy now!

The Beauty Women is a very impressive little device. It is made from very soft but durable Bio-Skin It will shake and squirt and bring you to an amazing orgasm time and time again, it comes with lubricant and has a variable speed action. Buy now!

The Erotic Virgin is a toy in the shape of a woman and will feel just like the first time every time. It has a multi function remote to vibrate and quiver you to a most memorable orgasm. Buy now!

The Loving Breasts toy is a silicone torso shaped device that has a double entry vibrating mechanism which features a very sexy , sensual voice that adds to the amazing experience you will definitely receive with this toy. Buy now!

The Perfect Masturbator is highly engineered sleeve that slide over the penis to gently massage it with every stroke. The inside of the sleeve is lined with hundreds of fine ribs that feel amazing while being slid up and down the penis. Buy now!

This life like, real feel, super soft material will give you the most realistic sexual pleasure! The antenna that line the inside of the shaft, like tender fingers, are so soft and gentle that you will feel the orgasm creep up on you intense and pleasurably. Buy now!

REALISTIC VAGINA AND ASS: This perfectly formed vagina is 7 inches deep and has an intact cherry. It is made from silicone that feels as good as the real thing. Slip inside the ribbed passage and enjoy the sensation of the pink lips around your penis. Guaranteed to get you off every time! Completes with free lubricant and removable powerful vibrating bullet. 2 AA batteries, not included. Buy now!

VIBRATING VAGINA AND ASS: This perfectly sculpted and detailed pussy and anus with two fingers that spread the lips. This is the replica modeled off of a famous pornstar, and made from silicone that feels as good as the real thing. There is a hidden compartment that can hold powerful multi-speed vibrating egg for added stimulation. Slip inside the ribbed passages and enjoy the sensation of the pink lips around your penis. Guaranteed to get you off every time! Includes free lubricant and removable powerful vibrating bullet. 2 AA batteries, not included. Buy now!

Mastomatic - Male Masturbation Toy Review

The Mastomatic is the perfect masturbation toy for any masturbator. Simply slide your cock in the realistic feeling mouth and turn it on. The Mastomatic will stroke your cock up and down, just like a real blowjob. The Mastomatic comes with a fully adjustable speed control, giving you total control over your self induced pleasure. Whether you are going solo, or having fun with your partners the Mastomatic, is the most relaxing way to cum. No hand movements are required! All you will need to do lie back and let the Mastomatic stroke your love rod. The Mastomatic is very easy to use, will never say no, and is always wanting to suck you to ecstasy. The soft mouth is always thirsty for your cock, and is guaranteed to please you every time. When you order your Mastomatic today, we will ship it as fast as possible, so you can be using your Mastomatic, by the weekend! So what are you waiting for? Mastomatic is simply the best masturbator for you.

What customers say about this masturbation toy:

Hi being a chronic masturbator, I was so glad when I discovered the Mastomatic, now im never to tired to masturbate.
- Adrian

Since my wife left me last year, I have found the Mastomatic has helped me through these hard times.
- John

My wife wont give me blowjobs, the only reason, I'm still married to her is because I discovered the Mastomatic. Thanks you saved our marriage.
- Jack

I got my husband the Mastomatic because I have a very low libido, and it was affecting our relationship. Now I use the Mastomatic on him, when im not in the moods for sex. Thanks a lot!
- Mary

Cock Torch Testimonials

I really love my new Cock Torch. Your service has been fantastic. I have never experienced, sexual pleasure to this extreme. The suction created and soft textured insides just make my balls explode with ecstasy when i cum, and the lead up to orgasm is just mind blowing. My favorite is the Ass hole, I think because my x-wife never used to let me there, but now i can fuck my favorite hole daily, sometimes all 3 in 1 session.
- George, NZ

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Cock Torch Review

The Cock Torch is designed to give you a variable change in your personal pleasure. We've engineered the best feeling masturbation toy that anyone can find. It's made from our very own synthetic silicon which has a feel to it that is very much the same as real skin. The outer case of the Cock Torch has been designed in such a way that it can be left around the house or where ever you may choose to take it without arising suspicion. It looks just like an everyday regular flashlight. The inner sleeve is so realistic feeling that if you immerse it in warm water to bring it up to body temperature your cock will think that it is a real vagina, ass or mouth. That is why we have made three different inners so that you can have a variety of sensations to masturbate with. Which will enhance the experience to no end. Each with its own individual opening to resemble a vagina, ass or mouth. The Cock Torch is also very versatile in that it can be used not only for self pleasuring but could also be introduced into couples sex play very easily, much the same way many couples often use vibrators during sex play on the woman, you could have your partner get your Cock Torch out and use it on you as part of foreplay or for climaxing if the man finds it difficult to climax inside the vagina.

The contents of the all in one combo pack is one hardened plastic out case which comes in a realistic silver flash light color and three inners. The first has a mouth looking frontage in the color of skin, for the best blow job feeling you can find from any male adult toy, the inside length of the stem is covered in fine ribs all the way down for a more heightened sensation. The second inner is a vagina looking frontage in a transparent pink color, the width of the inner stem is narrower than the mouth inner to give a more snug fit and running right the whole way down are hundreds of tiny bumps to give you a unique sensation not like anything you will ever find, not even in a real vagina. The third inner is a realistic anus look in a pink color, and the inside length of this stem is smooth and fast, so if you’re the kind of man that likes to go long, hard and fast this inner will most certainly be your favorite.

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